Introducing Anna und Gunther

That's right, were super excited to announce the debut title from Osmond Press. We'll be bringing the inspiring true story from Australian author Jacob Hendryx to bookshelves everywhere in early 2021!


Anna is forced into a life constantly on the move as a child in 1940s Germany, never welcome in one place, her very existence hidden from the Soviets to keep her safe. She grows up idolising the women in her family, who band together during the war, and dreams of becoming a nurse – something she will never realise in the suppressed and miserable communist East Germany.

Gunther’s world is upended when he’s thrust into the horrors of war, a life that he will risk everything to escape from, not without irreplaceable loss.

Miraculously they would eventually find each other, fall in love, and set off on an adventure across the world that is both challenging and unexpected.

Anna und Gunther is based on the inspirational true story of two children forced to grow up too fast, and the life they chose together. It’s a classic story of overcoming adversity, coming of age, and following dreams by throwing caution to the wind.

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