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Jacob’s debut novel Anna und Gunther — which officially hit the shelves yesterday (Monday, February 1) — is a historical fiction based on a true story about his grandmother, who grew up during World War II.

After travelling to his grandmother’s home town in Germany, Jacob returned home to show her photos of a chapel, one of few buildings which remained of the town, in 2017.

"Immediately, she began to recount stories of her childhood - 80 years earlier - in vivid detail I'd never heard before," Jacob said.

"Stories of growing up in the town when political tensions rose in the region, as seen through the eyes of an innocent 8-year-old girl. I furiously scribbled down notes, and these stories formed the first chapter of this book."

"The chapter was edited and proofread by a friend, before I printed it as a gift for the next time I visited (my grandmother). Giving a few corrections here and there, she recounted the stories that followed in the same extraordinary detail. Another chapter would be created, edited and gifted - a repeating cycle."

Full article available here.

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